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† Paraflow

Advantages of Gasketed Plate vs. Tubular Heat Exchangers:

High Heat Transfer

Film coefficients three to five-times greater
Efficient operation with up to 98% heat recovery or regeneration
Low liquid hold-up enables faster reaction times to change in process
Fluids flow counter-current to each other between the parallel passages in each pass


Economical and Compact
Reduces floor space by up to 90%, weighs less and delivers higher performance
Lower hold-up volume minimizes the amount of product required for flooding, reduces usage of high cost service fluids and improves thermal reaction times
Reduced capital costs and installation expenses
High energy recovery reduces energy costs

Efficient design of heat transfer area reduces fouling caused by debris and dirt
Simplified cleaning and plate accessibility
Designed for use of effective CIP, removing chemical films or scaling deposits

Full access to both sides of the heat-transfer surface for inspection, maintenance, and cleaning
Access is readily accomplished within the installed space of the unit

Modular design enables expansion of your heat exchanger as process requirements grow
Handles multiple duties and fluid streams in a single unit
Easily reconfigured to meet changing process needs
Wide variety of sizes and style ensuring optimal solutions for your applications
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