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Pressure Reducing Station
† PRS - Air Operated Control Valve & Self Acting Pressure Reducing valve
Pressure Reducing station
we build complete pressure reducing station, custom sized to suit customers flow rate and pressure requirements.
Installation cost is bare minimum
Precisely manufactured globe / Piston type isolation valve for accurate control.
Moisture separators and Y-strainers from cast steel for long life & smooth flow compared to fabricated seperators used by many others.
Properly sized safety relief valves which is also one of our own product.
sizes from 25 x 50 to 250 x 350 - IBR Approved.
From the process data, appropriate CV value is calculated and based on which as per customers requirment any one of the following pressure regulating valve is offered.
Self Regulating type PR1001
Robotrol Operated control alve - RB70142.
Pneumatic Control Valve with complete instrumentation package such as pressure transmitter, PID controller and electro pneumatic positioner.
Most than 300 PRs already installed and working satisfactorily all over the country.
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