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† F 116-AR (Globe) / F 1116-AR (Angle Pattern)- Liquid Only

Extensively used in large Pipe Lines, Small Reactors/Vessels to release pressure Generated by thermal expansion.

  • Auto Re-circulation on a Refueller to control the pumping pressure of Air Crafts.
  • Solenoid Override or Pneumatic Override to safeguard the system. This can be operated remotely to re-circulate full flow.
  • When installed in Main line, it prevents upstream pressure dropping below preset value.
  • When installed on a By-Pass line, it controls main line pressure by relieving excess pressure in By-Pass/sump.
  • Ideal for pump by pass to protect the downstream equipments.
  • Relief pilot (F16) is normally closed due to spring tension.
  • With increase in upstream pressure above set value, Pilot (F-16) opens which makes Main Valve to open fully.
  • Spring Range: Standard: 20-200 psig. Optional: 5-30 psig.
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